Selected Freelance Articles

Feature: Gene transfers from bacteria may be shaping complex organisms, July 2019, PNAS Front Matter

News: Ecology, not physics, explains diversity of insect eggs, July 2019, The Scientist

Feature: What matters most on the road to scientific success? May 2019, Undark

Feature: Viruses can scatter their genes among cells and reassemble, May 2019, Quanta Magazine

News: Viruses have a secret, altruistic social life, April 2019, Quanta [reprinted at Nautilus]

Feature: Earth’s rock record could reveal the motions of other planets, March 2019,

Feature: Solving Peto’s Paradox to better understand cancer, February 2019, PNAS Front Matter

Feature: Fragile DNA enables new adaptations to evolve quickly, February 2019, Quanta

News: Minding the gender gap in science prizes, January 2019, The Conversation

News: In science, some ideas are more contagious than others, January 2019, Scientific American

Feature: The open data explosion, January 2019, The Scientist

Careers: Yes, it is getting harder to publish in prestigious journals if you haven’t already, December 2018, Science Careers

Feature: Theorists debate how “neutral” evolution really is, November 2018, Quanta

News: This useless organ determines which ants grow into soldiers or minor workers, October 2018, Smithsonian

Q&A: Gender bias dissected in eLife‘s peer review, September 2018, The Scientist

News: Research dollars go farther at less-prestigious institutions: study, July 2018, The Scientist

Story in a picture: The quickening pace of global metabolism, June 2018, Knowable Magazine

Feature: Too small for muscles, tiny animals use springs, June 2018, Quanta Magazine [reprinted at]

Feature: E-cigarettes: A win or loss for public health? May 2018, Knowable Magazine

News: Fungus repurposed a bacterial gene to sense gravity with crystals, April 2018, The Scientist

Feature: Cells talk and help one another via tiny tubes, April 2018, Quanta
[reprinted at].

Feature: Ticks creep into Canada, bringing Lyme disease (and confusion) with them, March 2018, Undark [reprinted at MotherJones and Canada’s National Observer]

Feature: How the butterfly got its spots (and why it matters), February 2018, PNAS Front Matter

News: Canadian science community gathers momentum in improving gender equity, January 2018, The Scientist

News: Strong bones may be vital for maintaining memory in old age, November 2017, New Scientist

News: Spiders reset body clocks to avoid 5-hour jetlag every day, November 2017, New Scientist

Feature: A zombie gene protects elephants from cancer, November 2017, Quanta [reprinted at]

News: Leafhoppers use tiny light-absorbing balls to conceal their eggs, November 2017, Science News

Feature: Insects conquered a watery realm with just two new genes, October 2017, Quanta
[reprinted at]

News: Faculty careers can progress in many directions, October 2017, Science Careers

News: Blind cave fish beat back diabetes symptoms that would kill people, September 2017, Scientific American

News: 3D scans of fossil fish reveal new family tree, September 2017, Science News

News: Genetic test helps people avoid statins that may cause them pain, August 2017, New Scientist

News: CRISPR elucidates the genetic basis of social behavior in ants, August 2017, PNAS Front Matter

Careers: Should you consider another degree after your PhD?, July 2017, Science Careers

Feature: Aspirin May Prevent Cancer from Spreading, April 2017, Scientific American

News: Bizarre Deep-Sea Squid Has Mismatched Eyes, February 2017, National Geographic News

Interview: Helen Ouyang Studies the Ethics of Compassionate Use, December 2016, The Open Notebook

News: Climbing the Social Ladder Can Strengthen your Immune System, November 2016, Science Now

News: Busting the Myth that “There are no qualified minority candidates”, November 2016, Scientific American

News: Demystifying the Evolutionary Success of Ray-Finned Fishes, September 2016, Inside Science

News: Autoimmune diseases might be the side effect of a strong immune system, July 2016, New Scientist

News: How Bees Sense a Flower’s Electric Field, May 2016, Science Now

Careers: Making the Most of School, May 2016, The Scientist

Careers: Post-grad Job Prospects, April 2016, The Scientist

News: For Baboons, a Tough Childhood Can Lead to a Shorter Life, April 2016,

Careers: The Complex Role of Gender in Faculty Hiring, April 2016, Science Careers

News: How Cancer Gets from A to B, April 2016, Proto

Careers: Biomedical Research Workforce Summit Makes Strides in Implementing Change for Postdocs, April 2016, Nature Biotechnology

News: Cancerous Co-Conspirators, April 2016, Scientific American

News: Cancer Cells Can’t Proliferate and Invade at the Same Time, January 2016, Scientific American

Careers: Fellowships are the Future, December 2015, Nature

News: Even Giant Mammoths Weren’t Safe from Prehistoric Predators, October 2015, Science Now

News: Diagnostic Developers Target Antibiotic Resistance, October 2015, Nature 

News: Arizona’s Wingless Queens Could Shed Light on Predictability of Evolution, September 2015, Science Now

News: Baby’s Cells can Manipulate Mom’s Body for Decades, September 2015, Smithsonian

Feature: How Fake Data Could Protect Real People’s Privacy, July 2015, The Atlantic

How-to: Twitter as a Reporting Tool, May 2015, The Open Notebook

News: Have a Sweet Tooth? New Blood Test Could Tell, May 2015, Science

Careers: Information: Wanted, March 2015, Nature

News: Deep-sea Shrimp’s Eyes Have 12 Retinas, January 2015, Science Now

News: Ancient Fossil May Rewrite Fish Family Tree, January 2015, Science Now

News: Creationism Conference at Large US Research University Stirs Unease, October 2014, Science Insider